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Resuscitation Plan

Saskatoon Health Region believes in the importance of honoring your choices. A Resuscitation Plan or an advance care directive can guide resuscitation decisions for individuals at hospitals or long term care. If your heart or breathing stops we want to be able to provide the care that you need and want.

Based on your health, your healthcare team may discuss your resuscitation plan within 24 hours of each hospital admission. At long term care, your healthcare team will discuss your resuscitation plan within the first eight weeks of arrival.

You have the right to make decisions regarding your care and get information and support to help you make a decision. This includes choosing whether or not to receive treatments like CPR. Important things to consider are:

  • All treatment options, including no treatment
  • What matters most to you
  • The benefits, harms and information about how well a treatment might work for you
  • Your plans for future health care

You can change your mind about your resuscitation decision at any time. Please talk to a member of your health care team and involve anyone who might make healthcare decisions for you when you are very ill.

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