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Preparing for Surgery

General Information

Preparing for Surgery

Instructions for all patients preparing for surgery and the descriptions of the different types of admissions are provided for your information:

  • Day Surgery - A patient will have an operation or procedure and will go home anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours after surgery, once discharge criteria are met.

    Day Surgery Instructions (PDF)

  • Same Day Surgery - A patient will be admitted to the hospital on the day of their operation or procedure and stay in hospital for a minimum of one night.

    Same Day Surgery Instructions (PDF)

  • Pre Assessment Clinic (PAC) Visit - Patients that have been scheduled for surgery that requires a stay in hospital of more than 24 hours are usually booked for a Pre Assessment Clinic Visit. This visit will occur anywhere from 30 days prior to the booked operation date, to the day before. At this visit you will receive in-depth pre-operative teaching and/or medical/anesthesia consultations.

    PAC Visit Instructions (PDF)

  • Pre-Operative History and PhysicalPrior to your Pre Assessment Clinic appointment you must have a visit with your family doctor up to 90 days prior to your surgery to have pre-operative history and physical completed. If you are unable to get this completed by your family doctor, please fill out the Pre-Admission Patient Recorded History Form below.

    Pre-Admission Patient Recorded Surgical History Form (PDF)

Related Information:

After Surgery

Should you need assistance at home after surgery, home care services are available by calling 306-655-4300.

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