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Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine - What is it?Nuclear Medicine involves the use of small amounts of radioactive materials (often called "tracers") to help diagnose and treat a variety of diseases.  Nuclear Medicine helps to determine the cause of the medical problem based on the function of a tissue, organ or system.  Nuclear Medicine tests are safe and painless.  In a Nuclear Medicine test the radioactive material is introduced into the body by injection, ingestion or inhalation.


Guidelines for Physicians

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Nuclear Medicine Procedures

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131I - MIBG

131I Therapy for Primary Hyperthyroidsim

14C Urea Breath Test

Bone Scan

Cerebral Perfusion Spect Scan

Gallium Scan

Gastric Emptying Study

Gastric Mucosa Study

Gastrointestinal Bleeding Study

Hepatobiliary Imaging

Labeled WBC Study

Liver Hemangioma

Liver - Spleen Imaging

Lung Scan


Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MIBI)

Parathyroid Scan

Renal Scan

Renal Scan - Captopril

Salivary or Parotid Scan

Thyroid Scan (without uptake)

Thyroid Uptake and Scan











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