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​Lithotripsy is available at St. Paul's Hospital.

Lithotripsy Bookings 

St. Paul's Hospital      306-655-5140        

How is Lithotripsy Performed?

The Lithotripsy machine creates shock waves, which are a form of high-pressure energy.  The waves travel through water and body tissue, hit the stone and cause it to break up.  You will usually passes the residual sand-like particles in the urine.  This procedure is associated with minimal discomfort.

Lithotripsy alone can treat 70 - 80% of patients with kidney stones, however 20 - 30% of patients will require further treatment because the stones are too large, or too hard to be broken or they have anatomic abnormalities which prevents the passing of the fragments.  Additional procedures or a repeat Lithotripsy treatment may be needed to totally eliminate stone fragments.

You will be in the unit approximately two (2) hours.  An IV is started to supply fluids and medications during the procedure. The procedure itself takes 20 - 40 minutes followed by 1 hour of recovery time.  You may bring your portable music player to listen to during the procedure.

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