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Saskatchewan Operational Stress Injury Clinic

The Saskatchewan Operational Stress Injury Clinic is part of a national network of Operational Stress Injury (OSI) clinics funded by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). The SK OSIC is operated by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and is staffed with a team of specialized mental health professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinical social workers/mental health clinicians.

The SK OSIC opened in June 2018, and is the first clinic of its’ kind in Saskatchewan.

Our Team
There are different professional groups represented at the OSI Clinic, and each plays a unique role. However, these differences are not always clear to the general public. This is why some people who use health services are puzzled by the number of different professionals they are asked to see. This section gives a brief overview of those professions and what they do.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (MD) who has taken an additional 4 – 5 years of training in mental health. Psychiatrists provide psychotherapy, medication therapy, and consultation, but their exclusive or unique service is the use of medication. A consult with a psychiatrist would be recommended to assess your overall medical history, your specific OSI concerns, and to discuss whether or not medication would be helpful.

A clinical psychologist is a professional who has earned a PhD or PsyD in psychology and qualified as a Clinical Psychologist. Psychologists provide psychological assessments, psychotherapy, and consultation. Their exclusive or unique area of practice is standardized assessment. You would see a psychologist for detailed testing and for ongoing therapy.

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