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Pain Management
Children and Youth

Pain in Childhood Matters

Pain in childhood is under-recognized and under-treated. Some people may think that children don't remember pain or don't suffer side effects from pain. Long-lasting or intense pain early in life can affect development. Undermanaged pain during health care procedures can lead to fear or avoidance of medical care.  

Pain in childhood affects the whole family. Minimizing pain in childhood is an important priority for all members of the health care team, including families. Family members can tell the team what works best for their child and help measure or control pain. See the Canadian Institute of Child Health 2002 document Rights of the Child in the Health Care System.

Acute and Procedural Pain 

At the Saskatchewan Health Authority we strive to ensure that your child will have as little pain and fear as possible during immunizations, lab and diagnostic tests, and hospital stays. Medications and non-drug methods such as positioning for comfort, play, distraction, and coaching are important to minimize pain during procedures. Learn more about procedural pain management.

Chronic Pain

The Interdisciplinary Pediatric Complex Pain Clinic in Saskatoon provides bio-psychosocial assessment and treatment services for children and youth throughout the province who live with persistent pain. Learn more about the clinic.


Resources for parents of children and youth with pain.

Resources for health care professionals about pain in childhood.

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