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Mental Health & Addiction Services
Maternal Mental Health

Accessing Services:

*By physician referral only.

Please contact your family doctor, nurse practitioner or obstetrician to discuss your mental health needs.  Together you and your care provider may decide that this is an appropriate service for you.

Who Do We Serve?

We provide services to clients of all ages who are pre-conception, pregnant and/or up to one year postpartum, who are experiencing mental health concerns.

Services Offered:

In partnership between Saskatoon Health Region, University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine and West Winds Primary Health Centre. 

Functions primarily as a consultation service, it provides both brief psychiatric consultations with limited follow-up and brief support from a Community Mental Health Nurse.

*We do not provide long-term psychiatric care, long-term counselling or grief and loss counselling.

Service Providers:

A Psychiatrist, who provides psychiatric consultation for diagnosis and treatment of maternal mental health concerns.

A Nurse Coordinator, who makes the initial contact with women referred to the program.


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