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Mental Health & Addiction Services
Community Addiction Services

Accessing Services

 If you would like to speak to a Mental Health and Addictions professional, please call:  Centralized Intake 306-655-7777.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve individuals (including family members) 18 years or older who struggle with substance use (including tobacco), gambling, and/or mental health concerns. 

"People, places and things are out of my control"

​Services Offered:

We offer a variety of treatment groups in addition to one-to-one counselling:

Adult Substance Use/Abuse Program:  This program assists clients with recovery from substance use and dependency through individual or group counselling.

Adult Family Program:  This program includes individual and group counselling that offer support  and information for family members who struggle with substance use, mental health and/or gambling concerns.

Concurrent Disorders Program:  This program assists those clients with mental health and substance use issues through individual or group counselling.  It is designed to address both issues at the same time.  (Services offered at Sturdy Stone).

Problem Gambling Treatment Programs:  This program offers basic and advanced recovery skills through individual and group counselling, as well as through two intensive treatment programs.  Some areas that are often discussed include:  dealing with impulsivity, irrational thoughts, urges and triggers, relapse prevention, self esteem, anger, loss, and boundaries.

If you have any questions, please call 306-655-7777 or email


Service Providers:

 Our multidisciplinary team consists of a variety of professionals including:

  • Addiction Counsellors
  • Certified Mental Health Nurses
  • Health Educators
  • Mental Health Therapists
  • Social Workers

Location and Contact Information:

Main Office
Suite 156 Sturdy Stone Building
122-3rd Ave. North
Saskatoon, SK.  S7K 2H6

Business Hours:  8 am to 12 noon - 1pm to 5pm

Meter parking only.

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