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Immunization is a way of providing protection against diseases caused by viruses or bacteria.  A vaccine is a substance that stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies against a specific disease without getting the actual disease.  Immunization helps to build immunity against communicable diseases that your body has trouble fighting on its own.

Immunization helps prevent serious diseases and the outcomes of diseases.  Outcomes may be small such as scars from chicken pox (varicella), or severe such as brain damage or death from meningitis.

Immunizations contain tiny amounts of the bacteria or viruses that make your immune system produce certain proteins called 'antibodies'.  Antibodies can attack and destroy viruses and bacteria.  Later, when your body is exposed to that same bacteria or virus, it "remembers" how to make these antibodies.  Your body then makes the antibodies and stops the virus or bacteria from making you sick.

Immunization is a safe, reliable and effective method of protecting individuals, families, and communities from vaccine preventable diseases.  It is important to achieve and maintain high immunization rates in order to provide the best protection against these diseases.

Immunization locations (Child Health Clinics)


Digital Immunization Record App

A digital immunization record for Canadians is a free app available to download from CANImmunize.


​Child Health Clinics

Provide to support parents to provide a family-centred approach to care. All parents/caregivers with children; 0 - 5 years of age living in Saskatoon Health Region are invited to attend. See the Child Health Clinics page for more information on locations and activities.

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