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2016-17 Operating and Capital Budget

On August 2, 2017 Saskatoon Regional Health Authority Board approved Saskatoon Health Region's 2017-18 operating budget plan of $1.246 billion and capital budget plan of $145.8 million.

The operating budget plan is based on the Region's multi-year strategy to focus on patient driven outcomes within a balanced budget. As part of this strategy, the Region is working with the Ministry of Health to achieve a balanced budget.

More information:

Provincial Budget

Details regarding the Government of Saskatchewan's 2017-18 Provincial Budget can be found on their website:

Past Region Updates

March 1, 2017 Report to the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority: To the end of January 31, 2017, the Region's projected annual deficit dropped from an expected $30.8 million at the start of the fiscal year to $19.2 million. The Region narrowed the gap between its revenues and expenses while continuing to experience increased volume and service pressures. Adult and Child patient days have increased 5.7 per cent over the prior year. During the same time, the Region reduced its paid hours by 0.7 per cent, implying that we’ve reduced paid hours to more than the equivalent of that needed to absorb the increase in patient volumes. The Region is forecasting to balance monthly revenues and expenses in February and March.

Sept. 7, 2016, 2016-17 operating budget and capital plan: "As a not-for-profit, publicly funded organization, our target is a balanced operating budget," says Saskatoon Health Region's President and CEO Dan Florizone. "But we know that it will be extremely challenging to achieve this by the end of March as we continue to experience volume and demographic pressures. We have tough decisions to make in the weeks ahead as we continue to work to close the gap between revenues and expenses. We have a number of actions underway in support of this year's operating budget and are taking our responsibility of balancing seriously." Read entire news release​

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