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Policies and Procedures: Occupational Health and Safety

Saskatchewan Health Authority Policies

As Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) policy and procedures continue to be developed and approved, they will be communicated to those they apply to and posted on the Authority's employee intranet.

All former regional health authority policies remain in effect until specifically replaced by an SHA policy, procedure or other document. These include procedures, protocols, guidelines, work standards, standard work, medical directives, etc.

Former Saskatoon Health Region (OH & S) Policies

The former SHR Occupational Health and Safety Policy/Procedure and Program Manual is a framework that includes all components of an established safety program under Saskatchewan OH&S Regulation 22. It provides general guidelines for all Saskatchewan Health Authority facilities and staff.

Paper based manuals are not being provided to departments. Updates can be replaced by manual holders as they are released. Paper based copies should be placed in central locations in the department or at the site.

Forms are now part of each applicable policy, and are located as appendices within each applicable policy; users are not required to "open links" to access or print forms.

August 2018 Release:

What's New?

The green, three stripe cover page and spine will be replaced with one green solid bar and the year 2018 to indicate the manual update.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy/Procedure and Program Manual is organized into 12 categories with new policies and associated procedures under each.

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collapse Category : 00 - Manual Items and Table of Contents ‎(5)
OHS Manual Labels_GrandToy_9903000-000.pdf00-00020-Jun-17
2018 OHS Manual Cover Page00-001.pdf00-00102-Aug-18
2018 OHS Manual Spine00-002.pdf00-00202-Aug-18
OHS Manual Table of Contents00-003.pdf00-00305-May-20
OHS P and P Manual Whole Document 202000-004.pdf00-00405-Jan-20
collapse Category : 10 - Purpose ‎(4)
OHS Policy Purpose Statement10-001.pdf10-00126-Mar-19
 OHS Policy Manual Framework10-002.pdf10-00226-Mar-19
OHS Policy Legislative Responsibilities15-001.pdf15-00126-Mar-19
 OHS Policy Due Diligence15-002.pdf15-00226-Mar-19
collapse Category : 15 - Legislative Responsibilities ‎(6)
OHS Serious Accidents15-003 Policy.pdf15-003 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Serious Accidents15-003 Procedure.pdf15-003 Procedure15-Nov-19
OHS Dangerous Occurrence15-004 Policy.pdf15-004 Policy02-Mar-20
OHS Dangerous Occurrence15-004 Procedure.pdf15-004 Procedure02-Mar-20
OHS LRWS Reports15-005 Policy.pdf15-005 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS LRWS Reports15-005 Procedure.pdf15-005 Procedure26-Mar-19
collapse Category : 20 - Regional Policies ‎(1)
OHS Regional Policies20.pdf2019-Jul-19
collapse Category : 30 - Occupational Health Committees ‎(7)
OHS Policy OHC Terms of Reference30-001.pdf30-00111-Jul-19
OHS OHC Resolving Safety Concerns30-002 Policy.pdf30-002 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS OHC Resolving Safety Concerns30-002 Procedure.pdf30-002 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS OHC Minutes and Inspection Reports30-003 Policy.pdf30-003 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS OHC Minutes and Inspection Reports30-003 Procedure.pdf30-003 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS OHC Conducting Workplace Inspections30-004 Policy.pdf30-004 Policy26-Mar-19
OHC Conducting Workplace Inspections30-004 Procedure.pdf30-004 Procedure16-Feb-21
collapse Category : 40 - General Policies ‎(12)
OHS Inspections40-001 Policy.pdf40-001 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Inspections40-001 Procedure.pdf40-001 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Job Safety Analysis40-002 Policy.pdf40-002 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Job Safety Analysis40-002 Procedure.pdf40-002 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Orientation and Training40-003 Policy.pdf40-003 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Orientation and Training40-003 Procedure.pdf40-003 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Refusal to Work40-004 Policy.pdf40-004 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Refusal to Work40-004 Procedure.pdf40-004 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Contractor Safety40-005 Policy.pdf40-005 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Contractor Safety40-005 Procedure.pdf40-005 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Prime Contractor40-006 Policy.pdf40-006 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Prime Contractor40-006 Procedure.pdf40-006 Procedure26-Mar-19
collapse Category : 50 - Hazards - Biological ‎(4)
OHS Mould50-001 Policy.pdf50-001 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Mould50-001 Procedure.pdf50-001 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Waste50-002 Policy.pdf50-002 Policy18-Nov-19
OHS Waste50-002 Procedure.pdf50-002 Procedure18-Nov-19
collapse Category : 51 - Hazards - Chemical ‎(8)
OHS WHMIS Exempt Products 201551-001 Policy.pdf51-001 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS WHMIS Exempt Products 201551-001 Procedure.pdf51-001 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS WHMIS Hazardous Products 201551-002 Policy.pdf51-002 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS WHMIS Hazardous Products 201551-002 Procedure.pdf51-002 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Cytotoxic Drug Exposure51-003 Policy.pdf51-003 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Cytotoxic Drug Exposure51-003 Procedure.pdf51-003 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Latex Allergy51-004 Policy.pdf51-004 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Latex Allergy51-004 Procedure.pdf51-004 Procedure26-Mar-19
collapse Category : 52 - Hazards - Ergonomic ‎(2)
OHS Computer Workstations52-001 Policy.pdf52-001 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Computer Workstations52-001 Procedure.pdf52-001 Procedure26-Mar-19
collapse Category : 53 - Hazards - Physical ‎(40)
OHS Air Quality53-001 Policy.pdf53-001 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Air Quality53-001 Procedure.pdf53-001 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Asbestos53-002 Policy.pdf53-002 Policy23-Mar-19
OHS Asbestos53-002 Procedure.pdf53-002 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Confined Space53-003 Policy.pdf53-003 Policy18-Nov-19
OHS Confined Space53-003 Procedure.pdf53-003 Procedure18-Nov-19
OHS Policy Entrances, Exits, Travelways, Stairs53-004.pdf53-00426-Mar-19
OHS Lighting53-005 Policy.pdf53-005 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Lighting53-005 Procedure.pdf53-005 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Noise53-006 Policy.pdf53-006 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Noise53-006 Procedure.pdf53-006 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Policy Smoking53-007.pdf53-00726-Mar-19
OHS Policy Space to Work53-008.pdf53-00826-Mar-19
OHS Policy Storage of Materials53-009.pdf53-00926-Mar-19
OHS Policy Indoor Outdoor Heat53-010 Policy.pdf53-010 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Indoor Outdoor Heat53-010 Procedure.pdf53-010 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Indoor Outdoor Cold53-011 Policy.pdf53-011 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Indoor Outdoor Cold53-011 Procedure.pdf53-011 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Policy Ventilation53-012.pdf53-01226-Mar-19
OHS Policy Aerial Devices Elev Work Platforms53-013.pdf53-01326-Mar-19
OHS Policy Fall Protection53-014.pdf53-01426-Mar-19
OHS Policy Forklifts53-015.pdf53-01526-Mar-19
OHS Policy Hoists Cranes and Lifting Devices53-016.pdf53-01626-Mar-19
OHS Policy Ladders53-017 Policy.pdf53-017 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Ladders53-017 Procedure.pdf53-017 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Policy Lasers53-018 Policy.pdf53-018 Policy18-Nov-19
OHS Procedure Lasers53-018 Procedure.pdf53-018 Procedure18-Nov-19
OHS Policy Machine Safety incl Power tools53-019.pdf53-01926-Mar-19
OHS Policy Personal Protective Equipment53-020.pdf53-02026-Mar-19
OHS Powered Mobile Equipment53-021 Policy.pdf53-021 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Powered Mobile Equipment53-021 Procedure.pdf53-021 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Plume during Work Procedures53-022 Policy.pdf53-022 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Plume during Work Procedures53-022 Procedure.pdf53-022 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Policy Protection from Falling Objects53-023.pdf53-02326-Mar-19
OHS Policy Rigging53-024.pdf53-02426-Mar-19
OHS Shift Work53-025 Policy.pdf53-025 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Shift Work53-025 Procedure.pdf53-025 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Working Alone53-027 Policy.pdf53-027 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Working Alone53-027 Procedure.pdf53-027 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Working at Heights53-028.pdf53-02826-Mar-19
collapse Category : 54 - Hazards - Psychological ‎(4)
OHS Harassment54-001 Policy.pdf54-001 Policy18-Nov-19
 OHS Harassment54-001 Procedure.pdf54-001 Procedure18-Nov-19
OHS Violence54-002 Policy.pdf54-002 Policy18-Nov-19
OHS Violence54-002 Procedure.pdf54-002 Procedure18-Nov-19
collapse Category : 55 - Hazards - Other ‎(13)
OHS Policy Sanitation Personnel Facilities55-001.pdf55-00126-Mar-19
OHS Anaesthetic Gases55-002.pdf55-00226-Mar-19
OHS Policy Boilers Pressure Vessels55-003.pdf55-00326-Mar-19
OHS Policy Compressed Gas Cylinders55-004.pdf55-00426-Mar-19
OHS Policy Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers55-005.pdf55-00526-Mar-19
OHS Portable Compressed Gas Cylinder55-006 Policy.pdf55-006 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Portable Compressed Gas Cylinder55-006 Procedure.pdf55-006 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Policy Electrical Workers55-007.pdf55-00726-Mar-19
OHS Policy Fire and Explosion55-008.pdf55-00826-Mar-19
OHS Policy Hot Work Welding55-009.pdf55-00926-Mar-19
OHS Piping55-010.pdf55-01026-Mar-19
OHS Policy Radiation Safety55-011.pdf55-01126-Mar-19
OHS Policy Working with Designated Substances55-012.pdf55-01226-Mar-19
collapse Category : 60 - Programs ‎(19)
OHS TLR60-001-1 Policy.pdf60-001-1 Policy18-Nov-19
OHS TLR60-001-1 Procedure.pdf60-001-1 Procedure18-Nov-19
OHS Material Handling60-001-2 Policy.pdf60-001-2 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Material Handling60-001-2 Procedure.pdf60-001-2 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS MSI Management60-001-3 Policy.pdf60-001-3 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS MSI Management60-001-3 Procedure.pdf60-001-3 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Patient Handling60-001-4 Policy.pdf60-001-4 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Patient Handling60-001-4 Procedure.pdf60-001-4 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Policy Warm Up to Work60-001-5.pdf60-001-526-Mar-19
OHS Policy Exposure Control Plan60-002-1.pdf60-002-126-Mar-19
OHS Immunization, TB and Serological Testing60-002-2 Policy.pdf60-002-2 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Immunization, TB and Serological Testing60-002-2 Procedure.pdf60-002-2 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS BBF Exposures60-002-3 Policy.pdf60-002-3 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS BBF Exposures60-002-3 Procedure.pdf60-002-3 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Control Plan BBP Exposure60-002-3.pdf60-002-318-Nov-19
OHS Worker Incident Mgmt_Investigation60-003 Policy.pdf60-003 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Worker Incident Mgmt_Investigation60-003 Procedure.pdf60-003 Procedure26-Mar-19
OHS Critical Incident Stress Mgmt60-004 Policy.pdf60-004 Policy26-Mar-19
OHS Critical Incident Stress Mgmt60-004 Procedure.pdf60-004 Procedure26-Mar-19
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