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Local Team Development
What is Local Team Development?

Through structure, process and training, we are assisting our staff, clinicians and leaders to solve problems daily, achieve improvements continuously and sustain those improvements over the longer term.

Cellular Model

First, we’re creating a structure to support mangers. We call this our Cellular Model and it’s meant to transfer tasks from mangers to others better equipped to do the work, to help ensure the right person is doing the right job. This frees a manager’s time to do what they do best – know and grow their people, understand their business and improve their processes. The cellular model structure better aligns work and create a stronger team at the unit or local level.

Patient First Management System

Second, we’re creating a systematic approach to healthcare. We call this the Patient First Management System and it encompasses the behaviours, philosophies, processes and tools that all healthcare staff and physicians need to improve care for patients, residents and clients on a daily basis and to achieve operational excellence. The Patient First Management System builds on the Lean-based Saskatchewan Health Care Management System.

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