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Our Plan

We are transforming health care in Saskatchewan. Every day, we are coming up with new ideas, testing them and perfecting them to make things better for our patients, clients and residents, their families, and our staff.

To make these improvements, and to create the atmosphere that allows us to try new things, we use Lean methods and processes. The Lean method is proven. And its processes allow our employees to work with patients and families to make health care better every day, for everyone involved.

For instance, one commonly-used Lean process is the Rapid-Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW). Through these RPIWs, a team of staff on a unit, improvement specialists, management and patient and family advisors focus their energies to tackle a process and improve it. They look at the physical space where the process takes place, track the time and steps it takes to complete the process, and finally use that data to come up with ideas for improvement. They then test the ideas, and make any necessary adjustments. Over 100 RPIWs have been completed within Saskatoon Health Region, resulting in a multitude of improvements, from how patients are seen, to how spaces are cleaned.

Patient First Management System

As a basis for our Lean processes, Saskatoon Health Region has created the Patient First Management System. This system builds on the Lean-based Saskatchewan Health Care Management System, and is a standardized approach to management and continuous improvement. The system provides the knowledge, skills and abilities for leaders constantly improve our care for our patients, and achieve operational excellence.

The Patient First Management System contains the behaviour, philosophies, processes and tools the Region needs to be able to constantly improve our care for our patients, and to achieve operational excellence.

The Patient First Management System highlights 11 elements for managers to put safety first, to know and grow their people (items 2 to 5, below), improve their processes (items 6 to 9, below) and understand their operations (items 10 and 11, below):

  1. Safety
  2. Leading Self
  3. Respect for People
  4. Teamwork
  5. Leaders Teaching Leaders
  6. Daily Accountability
  7. Leader Standard Work / Standard Work
  8. Discipline
  9. Continuous Improvement / Innovation
  10. Visual Management
  11. Coaching / Problem Solving


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