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Our Plan

Better Every Day

In 2016-17 we introduced a two-year strategy focusing on five key areas:

  • Safety: Preventing harm to patients, staff and physicians through new approaches to safety
  • Sustainability: Innovating for sustainability by redesigning healthcare delivery at a lower cost
  • Local team development: Transforming the way we work through local team development  (cells) and Patient First Management System
  • Patient flow: Increasing accessibility to healthcare services for patients with complex needs through patient flow
  • Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan: Transforming the care experience for women, children and families through Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital

For 2017-18, we are refining these five strategies to three:

  • Connected care:  Coordinate seamless, accessible, and connected care for patients, regardless of their location in hospitals, homes or communities
  • Patient First Management System: Transform the way we work through local team development (cells) and Patient First Management System
  • Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital: Transform the care experience for women, children and families through Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital

Safety and financial sustainability are now a daily focus for work units, programs and services within our Region.

Hospital capacity is inextricably linked to healthcare delivery in the community. So, our focus over these past months has been on things that we can do to in the community to prevent the need for acute care, and when acute care is needed, things we can do to safely return patients to their homes and home communities, where they want to be. As we look across the continuum of care, we are connecting the care experience for patients, residents and clients by strengthening team-based care in hospital and community settings.

Our cellular structure (co-located support personnel for unit managers) is seeing results in helping managers better focus on their teams and on quality improvements. As this structure approaches full implementation on units throughout our organization, our attention turns to our Patient First Management System. This system encompasses the behaviours, philosophies, processes and tools that all healthcare staff and physicians need to improve care for patients, residents and clients on a daily basis and to achieve operational excellence.

The children’s hospital, now known as the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital thanks to a generous donation, remains a key strategy for our organization.


Better Every Day House

Our Better Every Day Strategic Approach

This is our Better Every Day approach to health care. It looks like a house - Open to see the full-scale version and explanations on each part of the house (page 2)..
Respect for People

Respect for People

The Respect for People foundational behaviours sets out clear expectations for how to live our value of respect in the workplace.

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