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Practitioner Staff Affairs

Practitioner Staff Affairs provides support to practitioners (physicians, dentists, chiropractors and midwives) throughout Saskatoon Health Region. 

Our primary functions include:

  • Bylaw Management and Compliance
    We interpret and ensure physician compliance with the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority Practitioner Staff Bylaws, including privileging, appointment and re-appointment.

  • Physician Credentialing and Privileging
    We  administer a thorough appointment and re-appointment process for medical and dental staff to ensure that patients receive competent and qualified professional care.

  • Physician Recruitment and Retention
    We play a key role in developing and implementing physician recruitment strategies across the Region. By working closely with Medical Department Heads, Directors and other stakeholders, we are working towards a comprehensive and effective recruitment and retention program.

  • Physician Remuneration and Contracts
    We are a key player in all aspects of medical remuneration and are instrumental in ensuring that physician remuneration is fair and transparent across the Region.

  • Medical Management and Physician Leadership
    We manage physician activity within individual departments, the integration of medical department activity within and across the organization, quality of care issues, patient complaints and physician disciplinary issues.

  • Medical Human Resource Planning
    In partnership with Medical Department Heads, Directors, the College of Medicine and other  stakeholders, we take an active role in the development and management of the Medical Human Resource Plan for Saskatoon Health Region.
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