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Non SHA Resource Information

The information provided and processes outlined in the table are specific only to College of Medicine (CoM)/Physician Hired NON SHA Office Assistants/Offices.

Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) IT Service Desk: to request assistance with an SHA computer/printer, telephone-related problems phone 306-655-8200 or rural 1-866-431-1780. 

Private/UofS/CoM Asset issues: Contact the vendor or UofS information technology for assistance (SHA IT can only support SHA assets). 

​Who requires

​Action to take


​CoM/Privately Hired Office Assistant SHA User Account (NEW/EDIT/DELETE)

​Complete the

​Submit form to

1.  PSA Office/Jennifer will complete the SHA-Saskatoon online user account request form

2.  Saskatoon Information Technology Dept sets up account and forwards information to contact named on form

NON-SHA/Cancer Agency Telephone Request Form


​Complete the former SHR ITS-Unified Communications NON-SHA Telephone Request Form

​1. Complete and submit form to

2.  The Unified Communications-Saskatoon SHA dept will be in contact upon receipt of form-allow 5-7 business days for response

​**Physician Tenants**

Computer Asset Request for Physician/Non SHA Office Staff

(see row below for Tenant Service Agreement descriptor)

​Complete the former SHR ITS-Deployment Physician on Tenant Service Agreement Asset Request Form​1. Complete and submit the form to  

​Computer Asset Request for Physician/Non SHA Office Staff NOT TENANTS for PURCHASE

​Complete the IT Procurement Request form
  1.  Physician/Non SHA Admin completes the information below and emails to
  2. PSA Office will complete the form
  3. PSA Office will forward the form as appropriate
  4. IT Department will follow up on asset with the name provided in the email
  5. PSA Office will track the cost and issue an invoice for reimbursement to the requesting non-SHA physician/dept/office

​ ​What is the SHA Physician/Tenant Service Agreement? ​

  • Meaning the Physician/UofS does not own the device or the software. In the event that the physician leaves SHA it is agreed that the Desktop/Monitor will be returned to SHA.
  • Currently the Tenant Service Agreement is under discussion provincially, until the agreement is finalized there will be no cost to the physician
  • Once the agreement is finalized across the province,
    • Physicians will be charged a monthly fee for their SHA assets. 
    • SHA will not retroactively charge the physicians, monthly charges will begin upon receipt of signed contracts for SHA Tenant Service Agreement between the Physician and SHA
SHA will transition the formal paperwork with Staff & Practitioner Staff Affairs to complete the contracts and bill as appropriate to those that are applicable for equipment and space.

Software Request on SHA Asset

Software that must be purchased to obtain a license, user/purchaser is responsible for keeping trak of the license once it is installed.

Licenses are generally on a per computer basis

(Privately Owned/UofS Asset  CAN NOT REQUEST SHA IT assistance)

​Software​Software Description
M-Modal and Fluency Direct Request FormCloud-based Fluency Direct seamlessly works with over 200 EHRs, including all major platforms, to meet the goals of faster EHR adoption, higher-quality documentation and lower transcription costs. Advanced voice commands facilitate EHR navigation and single sign-on capabilities further boost physician productivity.​


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